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And The Prep Begins!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The time is fast approaching to re-join the school and kick start the schoolwork after a much-needed summer break. But after relaxing for so long, how can we get back into the swing of things? This blog is just the thing you need and will cover just a few of our best tips on how to get prepped!

First things first, have you got the right kit? This includes everything from basic stationary to the gadgets you’ll need to get by like a robust laptop. If you are anything like me, I mix and match my approach to note taking and like to change between trusty pen and paper and reliable note taking on a Word Doc. If you prefer the former, I suggest going to your nearest WHSmith and checking out their enormous stationary collection. Treat yourself and get some highlighters and fun colourful pens whilst you're at it. Though it won’t help you retain those tricky Law case studies, it might make them more tolerable to read! If you want something a little more local, then you could always try the Ryman Stationery Long Acre store which is stocked with everything you need and only a stone's throw away from the college. If you don’t like written notes and prefer typing it up, then you’ll need to get yourself a good laptop. I am by no means an expert on gadgets and won’t even attempt to suggest which device to get. However, I do love a bargain and know very well that if you get yourself signed up to ‘UNIDAYS’ using your student email, you can find loads of brands willing to give discounts to students!

The next thing to think about is time-management. Whilst coursework starts piling up and you’re only just getting back into the normal student routine, it is important to give yourself the best set of tools, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. One of my biggest tips is using time blocking to structure my day. It sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how little people do it and how much it actually helps when you eventually put it in place! Maybe you’re an intern and have to balance work life with being a student? Maybe you volunteer and pick up lots of small projects? By time blocking you can allocate time to certain tasks in order to get it done e.g., replying to email for 30 minutes starting from 9am or dedicating on hour to exercise from 4 till 5 and studies from 7 till 8. Time blocking allows you to visually see what there is on the to-do list and helps give realistic expectations of what you can achieve on a normal day which in turn reduces stress!

The last aspects of student life to remember is finance. Do you live in London and need to start thinking about the cost of commuting in or the money you’ll spend on daily lunch? Maybe you need to figure out how far your student loan will go? Knowing these sorts of things will really take a lot of stress off your shoulders so figuring this out early on is a must!

Check out the article below to a student survival guide on general monthly bills and what they mean:

And if you just want your money to go further, you can check out our earlier blog on ways to stretch your pay check!


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